Affordable Dental Implants – Highest Quality

An excellent value for money – affordable dental implants – highest quality implants

In our dental practice Dental Planet in Spain, Rojales, we offer affordable, highest quality dental implants.

Many people in need of dentures think that inserting a dental implant goes together with extremely high costs and that reasonable priced implants are of a lower quality. Not in our dental practice in Spain :)

In our dentistry Dental Planet you will get excellent value for money: affordable dental implants and dentures of the highest quality, state of the art implant techniques (3D implantology, all-ceramic dental implants). Most importantly however, we are working together with one of the most renowned experts for implantology in Spain, Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo.

Prof. Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo (Loma Linda University, CA, USA) teaches at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid in Spain. He achieves perfect results in even the most complex cases and also passes on his knowledge to other dentists. He inserts around a thousand implants a year.

Additionally, the head of our dental practice builds on a longstanding experience. He personally takes charge of diagnosis, consultation and planning of the treatment.

He is highly specialized in the field of implant-supported prostheses (crowns, bridges) as well as partial and full dentures. His expertise significantly adds to the high quality standards of the dental practice and meets the highest aesthetical demands. He personally attends to every patient and discusses every single case in detail with his German head of laboratory.

All mentioned advantages guarantee highly professional inserted, aesthetical, functional and perfect dental implants and dentures at affordable prices.


Dental quality does not need to be expensive:

Our prices for dental implants of comparable quality are up to 75% lower than those a good implantologist is asking for in Germany or Great Britain.

We believe that also people with an average income should be able to afford high-class dental implants or dentures – one more reason for a bright smile!

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