All-ceramic Zircon Dental Implants

Metal free, all-ceramic dental implants made from zircon

All-ceramic dental implants made from high-performance ceramics are the best available on the market. In our dental practice we use the dental implant system ZERAMEX. Due to a new manufacturing method (carbon-ceramic technology) this system can produce first-class ceramic implants at a reasonable price AND has considerable advantages compared to conventional dental implants:

Our all-ceramic dental implants are absolutely metal free, highly resistant to acids and bases and are therefore an excellent alternative to Titan implants.

  • Ceramic dental implants are biocompatible and
    behave biologically neutral.
    This means that the tissue tolerance with jaw bone and gum tissue is excellent and
    therefore does not cause allergic or foreign particle reactions.
  • All-ceramic implants are aesthetic and look very natural. All-ceramic implants have a similar colour as natural teeth and therefore the light transmission is much better than with Titan implants, since an all-ceramic denimplant is to light nearly as one owns dentin. This has two advantages:
    • In the area of the front teeth the jawbone is often very thin in which conventional Titan implants tend to cause a dark shadow in the gum. Since all-ceramic implants display a much better light translucence, no dark shadows can be seen.
    • Also, the dental prosthesis on top of the implant (for example a crown) looks better. A natural tooth is translucent to a certain degree. A Titan implant impedes this translucence. With an all-ceramic implant however, the light can shine through the teeth. Thus, the combination of an all-ceramic dental implant and a porcelain crown can hardly be distinguished from a natural tooth.

    An all-ceramic dental implant with a Zircon crown can hardly be distinguished from natural teeth.

  • The full ceramic implant system by ZERAMEX heals securely and effectively. The especially developed surface structure of the implants ensures a safe bond between the living bone tissue and the dental implant which means that the bone fibre can coalesce with the implant. Soon the implant will be part of your own body. This guarantees a perfect osseointegration (osseo = bone).

All-ceramic dental implants by ZERAMEX safely heal and firmly integrate into the bone (osseointegration)

  • All-ceramic dental implants do not cause any interference in the body as they are neither magnetic nor radioactive and have a low thermal conductivity.
  • The all-ceramic dental implants we use in our dental clinic are subjected to strict quality controls and are tested for 100% stability. This considerably reduces the risk of breakage and guarantees a life long and lasting high chewing pressure (if good oral hygiene is kept).
Build-up of the ZERAMEX all-ceramic dental implant All-ceramic dental implants by ZERAMEX provide a perfect solution in many different cases
  • Due to the wide range of the all-ceramic dental implant system ZERAMEX it is possible to supply many patients with all-ceramic implants – even cases in which no other implant system holds a solution.

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