3D Implantology / Computer-guided Implantology

3D implantology (computer-aided implantology) gains more and more importance and to a great extent contributes to making the field of implantology even more precise.

In our dental practice we use CT Imaging (Computed Tomography) especially in complex cases. The advantages of these 3D images include the possibility to see vulnerable neighbouring tooth structures (such as the maxillary sinus, the nerve in the lower jaw or possible bone loss) a lot clearer than with two-dimensional pictures. With this, the risks associated with implantology are being significantly reduced.

The special 3D-Software "Sim Plant" allows to determine the optimal position for each dental implant by taking account of the existing bone structure, vulnerable neighbouring structures and the final position of the dentures or prosthesis.

 1. The 3D software simulates the ideal position of the implants and the planned shape of the prosthesis.  2. Subsequently, the ideal pressure distribution on the chewing surface will be calculated  3. Finally, the position of the implant in relation to the maxillary sinus will be defined.

According to our digital planning the company Materialise Dental in Belgium manufactures a drilling template. Using this drilling template ensures the exact and planned placement of the dental implant. This way we can guarantee a 100% execution of what we planned.

   1. An implant simulation with the computer-aided/computer-guided 3D software defines the optimal position of each implant.  2. After examination of the initial situation and consultation with the implantologist, 3 surgical drilling templates will be manufactured. 

Every step of the dental surgery is simulated on the computer and helps us to make implantology safer, more predictable und considerably less traumatic. In many cases the use of a scalpel can either be avoided altogether or at least the interventions are much smaller as with conventional methods.

   1. During a check-up the position of the implant will be verified once more.  2. This image shows the end result – perfectly inserted implants which cannot be distinguished from one’s own teeth. 

Thanks to 3D implantology or computer-aided implantology the dental implant surgery can be carried out a lot quicker, more precisely and more securely. The insertion of 8 implants for example can now be carried out in only 30 to 60 minutes. Also, the healing time is considerably shortened since complications can be avoided in advance by exact planning.

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