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Computer-Aided Implantology – All Ceramic Implants

Dental implants in Spain - Torrevieja, Alicante, Rojales

In the field of implantology our dental practice Dental Planet offers a perfect combination of cosmetic dentistry and dental medicine by combining the following 5 advantages:

  1. Our implantologist is one of the most experienced and renowned
    implantologists in Spain,All-ceramic implant, replacing the tooth root on which a dental crwon can be placed – dental practice Dental Planet, Rojales, Torrevieja near Alicante, Spain 
  2. We insert dental implants with the help of computer-aided implantology (3D-implantology),
  3. We not only insert Titan implants, but also increasingly metal free, all ceramic implants, which are considerably more aesthetic and better tolerated (biocompatible) by the gum (gingival) than conventional implants.
  4. Our dentist and his German Head of laboratory are specialised in high-quality prosthetics and dentures. Implant-supported ceramic crowns, ceramic bridges, partial or full dentures are manufactured and inserted under highest quality and aesthetic standards.
  5. Excellent value-for-money ratio.

The combination of above advantages in our dental practice is unparalleled in Spain. We guarantee high-quality results in both medical and aesthetical terms. Considering the affordable prices, this combination makes us possibly unique in Europe.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants replace the tooth root of missing teeth and are inserted (implanted) into the jawbone instead of the former tooth root. This procedure usually is performed ambulant under local anaesthesia. It takes about 2-6 months for the dental implant to heal and before a dental crown or bridge can be placed onto the implant. In some cases the crown or bridge can even be placed immediatley onto the implant which significantly reduces the healing period. We are happy to check if this is possible in your case.

Dental implants offer an elegant solution for the following dental problems:

  • Missing of a single tooth – closing the teeth gap in order to avoid deformation of the jawbone and misalignment of surrounding teeth as well as for aesthetic reasons in the front teeth area.
  • Missing of several teeth in a row – as an abutment for a dental bridge.
  • Missing of back teeth – as an abutment for a dental bridge or a partial denture.
  • Toothless jaw – a row of implants in order to anchor fixed dentures.

 A tooth gap before insertion of a full ceramic implan; After insertion and healing time a so-called abutment os being placed, connecting the implant and the dental prosthesis (crown); Finally, a Zircon crown will be placed onto the full ceramic implant.

1. A tooth gap before insertion of an alll-ceramic implant.
2. After insertion and healing time a so-called abutment is being attached, connecting the implant
    and the dental prosthesis (crown).
3. Finally, a Zircon crown will be placed onto the all-ceramic implant.

1. Expert for Implantology - Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo

With Prof. Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo (Loma Linda University, CA, USA) we have one of the most renowned implantologists in Spain in our team, who teaches at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain. He does not only insert around one thousand dental implants a year, but also shows other dentists how it is done correctly and most importantly he passes on his knowledge how to achieve a perfect result even in the most complex cases.

His extraordinary expertise enriches our dental practice and ensures that our patients receive only the most professionally inserted, aesthetical and perfectly functional dental implants.

2. 3D-Implantology (Computer-aided Implantology)

An exciting field within implantology is 3D-implantology (computer-guided implantology). In complex cases we work with CT imaging (Computed Tomography). With these 3D images it is possible to see vulnerable neighbouring tooth structures (such as the maxillary sinus, the nerve in the lower jaw or possible bone loss) much clearer than with two-dimensional pictures.

With the help of the special 3D-Software "Sim Plant" we are able to exactly plan the optimal position for each dental implant by considering the bone structure, vulnerable neighbouring structures and the final position of the dentures or prosthesis.

Next, the company Materialise Dental in Belgium produces a template according to our digital planning. This drilling template assures the accurate positioning of the dental implants, exactly where it has been planned. This guarantees 100% accuracy.

The dental surgery practically happens on the computer. Thus, implantology is much safer, more predictable and considerably less traumatic. In many cases the use of a scalpel can be avoided and where it can't, only very small interventions are necessary compared to conventional methods.

This also means that the dental implant surgery takes less time as without a drilling template. For example, the insertion of 8 dental implants can now be done in only 30 to 60 minutes.

  1. An implant simulation with the computer-aided/computer-guided 3D software defines the optimal position of each implant.  2. After examination of the initial situation and consultation with the implantologist, 3 surgical drilling templates will be manufactured.

1. An implant simulation with the computer-aided/computer-guided 3D
    software defines the optimal position of each implant.
2. After examination of the initial situation and consultation with the
    implantologist, 3 surgical drilling templates will be manufactured.

3. Metal Free, All-Ceramic Zircon Dental Implants

In our dental practice we offer metal free, all-ceramic dental implants made from high performance ceramics that are the best available on the market (Implant System by ZERAMEX). Due to a new manufacturing method (carbon-ceramic technology) it is now possible to produce high-class ceramics cost-effectively and with considerable advantages compared to conventional dental implants:

  • Our all-ceramic dental implants are absolutely metal free and highly resistant to acids and bases and therefore offer an excellent alternative to Titan implants.
  • Ceramic implants are biocompatible and behave biologically neutral. This means that the compatibility with bone and gum tissue is excellent and therefore does not cause allergic or foreign particle reactions.
  • Full ceramic implants are aesthetic and look very natural. The light transmission of a ceramic implant is much better than with a Titan implant. An all-ceramic implant interacts with light nearly as good as natural dentine itself. This has two advantages:
    • In the area of the front teeth the jawbone is often very thin. With conventional Titan implants it can happen that the metal framework shines through. With all-ceramic dental implants no dark shadows shining through the gum can be seen.
    • The dental prosthesis on top of the implant (for example a crown) looks better: A natural tooth is translucent to a certain degree. A Titan implant impedes this translucence. With an all-ceramic implant however, the light can shine through the teeth. Thus, the combination of an all-ceramic implant and a porcelain crown can hardly be distinguished from a natural tooth.
  • The all-ceramic dental implant system by ZERAMEX heals securely and sustainably. The especially developed surface structure of the dental implants ensures a secure bond between the living bone tissue and the implant, the jawbone fibres will coalesce with the implant. Therefore, the dental implant very soon will be part of your own body. This ensures a perfect osseointegration (osseo = bone).
  • All-ceramic implants are neither magnetic nor radioactive and have a low thermal conductivity. Hence, it is virtually impossible that they interfere in any way with the body.
  • The full ceramic implants we are subjected to strict quality control and have been tested for 100% stability. This reduces the risk of breaking considerably and guarantees a lasting high chewing pressure of the implant for up to a lifetime (provided a good oral hygiene is kept).
  • The all-ceramic implants from ZERAMEX allow us to find the right solution for nearly every patient.

All-ceramic dental implants by ZERAMEX provide a perfect solution in many different cases

4. Specialist for Dental Prostheses

Our Head of Dental Planet is personally in charge of diagnosis, consultation and planning of treatments. His experience and specialisation in implant-supported prostheses (crowns, bridges) and his expertise in partial and full dentures contributes significantly to the high quality and highest aesthetical standards.

He himself attends to every patient and discusses every case in detail with the German head of laboratory.

5. An excellent value-for-money ratio – very low dental implant costs – affordable quality implants

Considering all mentioned advantages one could think that the costs of our implants must be very high. On the contrary – our prices for comparable quality are up to 75% lower than the prices a good implantologist would ask for in Germany or Great Britain.


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