Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a sub-discipline of maxillofacial surgery and is concerned with surgical interventions related to jaw or periodontium. In our dental practice in Rojales, Spain we offer a wide range of ambulatory oral surgery treatments.

Oral surgery at Dental Planet in Spain, Rojales – removal of wisdom teeth, pulling of teeth, dental implants and dental surgery.


Oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures in our dental practice:

Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth can surgically be removed under local or general anesthesia. 

Extraction of wisdom teeth can be indicated if

  • they are causing pain,
  • tooth decay is detected (after x-ray results and examination),
  • because of orthodontic reasons, more space has to be made in the oral cavity,  
  • the wisdom tooth has not enough space and causes other teeth to misalign, or if there is the possibility of an infection,
  • the wisdom teeth are crooked and cause a problem with the performance of a gum disease treatment,
  • wisdom teeth put pressure on a nerve, especially in the upper jaw. Here the wisdom teeth need to be removed to avoid headache, tinnitus or jaw joint pain.

Extraction of front and side teeth

Teeth beyond repair either from tooth decay, root fracture, or trauma, often present a problem to the dentist. Usually an oral surgeon is consulted in such cases. He is specialized in the removal of crooked or crumbled teeth or teeth which are in several pieces, under general anesthesia.

Insertion of dental implants (artificial tooth root) – Implantology

Bone augmentation: sometimes the jaw bone has to be augmented before a dental implant can be inserted.
Insertion of an artificial tooth root (the implantation itself)
Sinus lift: A “pocket” is made right to the floor of the sinus and bone graft material is placed into the hole.
Removing bone material from one part of the jaw and transferring it to another part (usually done to stabilize dental implants).

Root tip resection in front teeth area

If a front tooth, which has been treated with a root canal, gets infected at the root tip, a root tip resection maybe the only chance to save the tooth. During this intervention the oral surgeon removes the tip of the root.

Removal of gum abscesses

Abscesses (inflammation, swellings, puss formation) on gums or in the jaw can be removed by an oral surgeon and usually treated very successfully.

Jaw cyst removal

It is absolutley advisable to remove jaw cyst formations. If left untreated, cyst formation in the jaw could harm the neighboring jaw structure, teeth and periodontium. Furthermore they can cause shifting and misalignment of the teeth.

Removal of foreign substances in the maxillary sinus

If a root canal filling has not been carried out correctly or when root remainders get into the maxillary sinus, the foreign substances can cause inflammation. Here the oral surgeon opens the affected area of the jaw and removes (cleans) the foreign particles.

Oral surgical interventions by anterior teeth trauma or injuries of front teet h 

It is very important after a tooth accident (loss or damage of any tooth during a sport, car or motorbike accident) to glue the tooth, or if it’s lost to re-implant the tooth, as fast as possible. Loose front teeth which got loosened can be splinted or interlocked.



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