Dental Treatments

In the following paragraphs you can see which dental treatments we offer in our dental practice, so that you know what to expect from us!

Our services - high quality dental treatments in our dental practice in Rojales, close to Alicante and Torrevieja in Spain.

Dental Holiday

Do you want to combine your dental treatment with a holiday while at the same time saving money?
In our dental practice in Rojales in Spain you can get high quality, affordable dentures. We offer excellent dental treatments in a relaxed atmosphere.



Dental Prophylaxis – Dental Hygiene

We recommend our patients to come for a oral prophylaxis treatment (professional dental cleaning) at least every six months in order to remove plaque. We also give you tips on how to clean your teeth correctly and encourage you to improve your cleaning techniques. 

Oral Surgery

Naturally, we pull teeth and wisdom teeth.  We also remove retained tooth roots or perform a root tip resection if it is necessary. We always attempt to keep the dental treatment (as well as anesthesia and preparation) as painless as possible.

Dental Implants / Implantology

As well as offering conventional implantology, we also provide computer-guided implantology, which allows us to plan the optimum position of each implant ensuring a perfect outcome.
Professor Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo, a distinguished specialist in implantology, inserts all of our dental implants.  He is a qualified professor in implantology in Madrid, Spain, and graduate from Loma Linda, California, one of the most renowned universities for implantology in the United States. He works quickly and precisely, ensuring that each implant is done to the highest standard.

Dentures / Prosthetics

We offer permanently fixed dentures, dental crowns and bridges, predominantly made of metal-free materials like zircon (porcelain / ceramic). Depending on our patient’s wishes we also offer either removable dentures or, for a greater wearing comfort, fixed dentures. We also frequently use combined dentures, which are partially fixed and partially removable.
Patients often decide on prosthetics for dental implants such as single tooth implants and implants for bridges or the entire jaw, in order to achieve a greater wearing and chewing comfort.

Gum Disease Treatment / Periodontitis

Besides receding gums, bleeding gums, gum infection and in some cases even tooth loss, periodontitis bacteria can also cause other health related damage. These bacteria can be even more harmful than smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or excess weight (see study).
Therefore, we carry out tests for diagnosing periodontal diseases in collaboration with a Swiss laboratory. Thus, we can find out which bacteria are located in your gum pockets and target them specifically. Our prophylactic and periodontal treatments, together with the most recent procedures and fully trained staff, ensure the long-term success of our dentures.

Root Canal Treatment / Endodontics

If tooth decay, also known as caries or cavities, has affected the tooth deeply, the dental nerve (pulpa) can get inflamed. This often leads to aggravating toothaches.
In our dental practice in Spain we clean the insides of the root canals using specialized modern techniques (machine-based reprocessing and electronic length measurement) ensuring millimetric accuracy up to the root tip. We place a special emphasis on detecting all affected canals of the tooth. Our high success rate confirms that we constantly succeed in this.

TMJ – Temporomandibular joint disorder (also called Craniomandibular dysfunction) 

Functional disturbances and tensions of the jaw (like malocclusion or cross bite) can be straightened out with a functional jaw movement analysis. In our dental practice in Spain we use one of the most modern devices available to diagnose TMJ – the Zebris-System. We also use this system with new dentures to make sure they support a balanced jaw and fit perfectly.
Wearing a therapeutic dental splint at night or during the day helps the patient to restore the harmonic and relaxed interplay of the mandibular joint and masticatory muscles. Therefore, he can experience permanent relief since the jaw musculature is relaxed.


Are you snoring and looking for a solution? You are not alone! Up to 40% of modern society snores.
In our dental practice in Spain we can successfully tailor the anti-snoring system “Silensor-sl” by Erkodent, to fit your exact specifications.
By wearing the tailor-made mouth retainer (dental splint) at night, snoring can be successfully prevented.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In our society, beautiful and natural white teeth are associated with vitality, health and success, which contribute to an attractive appearance. If you want your teeth to not only be healthy, but also to be beautiful, we offer the following cosmetic dental treatments:

Teeth Whitening – Bleaching of teeth for a radiant smile

Veneers or non-prep Veneers – very thin porcelain veneers, which cover tooth defects on your front teeth, can be applied relatively fast, without any drilling, injection or pain.

White Tooth Fillings and Porcelain Inlays
In our dental practice we work exclusively with high-quality nano composite fillings (a special plastic material) as well as porcelain inlays for larger tooth defects. This ensures the fillings are durable, match the color of the teeth and are aesthetically pleasing.

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