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"We make new, beautiful teeth.
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  • We sensitively restore your teeth and provide for a perfect chewing comfort and a beautiful, troublefree smile.
  • With state-of-the-art dental prophylaxis and periodontal treatment we make sure that your implants and teeth are longlasting.
  • The collaboration of an experienced prosthetics specialist, a renowned implantologist and a German head technician in our on-site laboratory ensures perfectly fitting and very aesthetic results.
  • Thus, we increase permanently your health-related quality of life.

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Many of our patients are coming from European countries such as Spain (some are living in Spain, others are spending their holiday in Spain), Germany, England, France, Italy and Scandinavia. Our dental clinic is specifically prepared to treat patients with limited time availability for their dental treatment and we can confidently state, that we can live up to the highest standards in the least amount of time. The perfect and harmonious interplay between our implantologist and our in-house dental laboratory allows us to produce and insert sophisticated works in record time.

Below you will find a short overview of our dental services:

Dental Implants / Implantology

We offer conventional as well as computer navigated implantology, which allows us to plan the optimum position of each single dental implant exactly as it is going to be after the operation.

The very precise results we get with computer navigated implantology in a very short time would not be possible with conventional implantology.

All of our dental implants are inserted by Professor Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo, a distinguished specialist for implantology, qualified professor for implantology in Madrid , Spain, and graduate from Loma Linda, California, one of the most renowned universities for implantology in the United States. He works quick, precise, secure and minimal invasive.

Thanks to the experience of Professor Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo, there is practically nothing we can’t do in the field of implantology. We augment the jaw bone (bone grafting) as well as we remodel the gum, which can be necessary when a bridge replaces the front teeth. Frequently, we treat patients who cannot find help elsewhere.

Our affordable dental implants are of highest quality, secure, durable and long-lasting.

Prosthetics / Dentures

  • Permanently fixed dentures, crowns and bridges, predominantly made of metal-free material (zircon)
  • Combined dentures with telescopic bridges are usually applied if the available teeth (anchors) are not strong enough to support the dentures alone.
  • Depending on our patient’s wishes we offer either removable dentures or – for a higher wearing comfort – fixed dentures. Combined dentures which are partly fixed and partly removable are also applied frequently.

Due to our long-term experience in the production of dental prostheses we know how to achieve an excellent chewing comfort: Dental prostheses that are removable but still fit securely – in consideration of the greatest possible aesthetics. Our prostheses fit, are comfortable and have a splendid look.

Our telescopic dentures guarantee a long durability and are therefore a long-lasting investment.

Patients often decide for prosthetics on implants such as single tooth implants and implants for bridges or the entire jaw, in order to achieve a higher chewing comfort.

Gum Disease Treatment / Periodontosis

Some bacteria causing periodontosis are very harmful to health. They can even be more harmful than smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or overweight (see study). Therefore, we cooperate with a Swiss laboratory to carry out tests for diagnosing periodontal diseases. Thus, we can find out which bacteria are located in your gum pockets and target them specifically. Our prophylactic and periodontal treatments together with the most recent methods and skilled staff ensure the long-term success of our prosthetics.


Before inserting implants it is necessary to treat existing periodontosis. If not, the risk for a follow-up periimplantitis (inflammation of gum and bone around the implant) is very high. An untreated periimplantitis would inevitably lead to the loss of the implant after a couple of years.

Root Canal Treatment / Endodontics

If tooth decay, also known as caries or cavity, has affected the tooth deeply, the dental nerve (pulpa) can get inflamed. This often can cause painful toothache.

When the tooth nerve gets painfully inflamed we have two options solving the problem:

  • Extracting the tooth -This option leaves a tooth gap, and, if not closed fast enough, can cause the surrounding teeth to shift. Misaligned teeth can cause unpleasant jaw, neck and back pain.

  • Saving your tooth with a root canal procedure - When performing a root canal treatment, it is most important to get rid of all bacteria and infection from the coronal pulp chamber and its associated canals, to prevent infection from recurring and the pain that is associated with it.

In our dental practice in Spain the root canal procedure is carried out with the most modern techniques (machine-based reprocessing and electronic length measurement). It is extremely important to detect and clean all affected root canals, down to the root tip. Our high success rate confirms that we constantly succeed in this.

Dental Prophylaxis

We recommend our patients to come for dental prophylaxis treatment (professional teeth cleaning) at least every six months in order to remove plaque. We also show you how to clean your teeth correctly to keep them healthy.

For dental hygiene as well as periodontal treatment we use a special device to remove plaque and bacteria from the gum pockets: the “Vector” by the company Dürr Dental allows us to clean your teeth thoroughly and gently and at the same time to kill the existing bacteria in the gum pocket. This guarantees long lasting oral health.

Our prophylactic treatment also makes sure that dental prosthetics are lasting for a long time. In combination, prophylaxis and periodontal treatment achieve the best results.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In our society, beautiful and natural white teeth are associated with vitality, health and success, which contribute to an attractive appearance. If you want your teeth to not only be healthy, but also to be beautiful, we offer the following cosmetic dental treatments:

Teeth Whitening – Bleaching of teeth for a radiant smile

Veneers or non-prep Veneers – very thin porcelain veneers, which cover tooth defects on your front teeth, can be applied relatively fast, without any drilling, injection or pain.

White Tooth Fillings and Porcelain Inlays
In our dental practice we work exclusively with high-quality nano composite fillings (a special plastic material) as well as porcelain inlays for larger tooth defects. This ensures the fillings are durable, match the color of the teeth and are aesthetically pleasing.

Oral Surgery

Naturally, we pull teeth and wisdom teeth.  We also remove retained tooth roots or perform a root tip resection if it is necessary. We always attempt to keep the dental treatment (as well as anesthesia and preparation) as painless as possible.

Snoring Therapy - Anti snore device

Are you snoring and looking for a solution? You are not alone! Up to 40% of modern society snores.
In our dental practice in Spain we can successfully tailor the anti-snoring system Silensor-sl” by Erkodent, to fit your exact specifications.
By wearing the tailor-made mouth retainer (dental splint) at night, snoring can be successfully prevented.

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