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Privacy Notice

Processing of information collected within the framework of our website.
As website operator of our dental practice Dental Planet in Quesada, Rojales, Spain takes your personal information very serious. You basically can visit our website without giving any personal information. However, in order to provide you with this platform we may have to collect, process and use personal information. If this is the case our dental practice Dental Planet (following named “practice” or “us”) will process personal data, which has been collected while visiting our site,  in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. We are just collecting, processing and utilizing your information with your consent or in accordance with federal law. We do NOT publish your personal information and we do NOT pass it on to unauthorized third parties.
Below, please find an outline, which data we may capture during your visit to our website and exactly how this information is being used. Please, keep in mind that it may be necessary to change this privacy policy due to further development of our website or implementation of new technology. We encourage you to read our privacy policy each time you visit our website.

1. General data collection and dissemination of data for website hits

When visiting our website, our server service provider "DentiWEB" or Internet AG and Google Analytics temporarily store each access into a log file. Following data are being captured and saved until they automatically deleted:
- IP-address of the inquiring computer
- Geographic position of the internet access server of the inquiring computer  
- Date and time of the inquiry
- Name and URL of the inquired data file
- Amount of transferred data
- Report, if processing report has been successful
- Identification data of the used browser and operating systems
- Website from which inquiry originates

The purpose of processing this information is to make the utilization of this website possible (connection establishment), system security, technical administration of the network infrastructure as well as to optimize the website with the help of an automated generated, anonymous statistic. The IP address is just being analyzed in case of attacks on the network infrastructure of our server. Personal user profiles are not being created with this process.

2. Usage and disclosure of personal data

When using our online contact form the herein contained personal information is being processed, transmitted and stored through our service provider DentiWEB and sent to us via email or through an electronic interface or if applicable through the sender. This information can contain for example your name, email address, company, address, gender and in case of an appointment request also your date of birth and age as well as your health insurance information.
The personal information mentioned above is being used just for following purposes and to the extent to achieve those purposes.
- To answer your questions sent to us via the online contact form
  (such as your email address or your telephone- or mobile number);
- To protect your access data;
- Statistical reasons, in order to improve our service;
- For the purpose of checking your credit if an appointment or business conduct
  is apparently coming about (request for an appointment);
- To register your information into our practice management software as soon
   as you made an appointment with us.

Any usage of personal data takes place solely for the extent and purposes mentioned above.
Your information is stored just as long as it is necessary for above-mentioned purposes or as legally required. Usually the information is deleted after six months or six months after the patient/practitioner relationship has ended. Moreover, the information is being stored JUST if legally necessary and/or required.

3. Cookies

Our dental practice does not utilize cookies on our website.

4. Disclosure of information to third parties

Disclosure of personal information to governmental institutions or public authorities take place just in the course of urgent national legislation or if it is necessary to pass on personal information for the purpose of prosecution in the event our network infrastructure has been attacked.
Beyond that, a disclosure of data to third parties does not take place, except to additional billing centres or dental laboratories in order to manufacture your denture.
We want to point out that we NEVER disclose or sell your personal information to third parties with the intent of marketing or promotion.

5. Links to websites of other providers

Our website may contain links to websites of other providers. Please note that this privacy notice is valid just for our website. The content and extent of data which may be collected, processed and stored when visiting a linked website is unknown to us. We can’t influence nor control the compliance of other website providers to current data protection regulations.
If you are using links to websites of other providers we advise you to inform yourself about their respective privacy statement.

6. Location of data storage and data processing, right to information, contact information

Your information is being stored and processed by our server service provider DentiWEB and Google Analytics.
You have the right to information, correction of incorrect data, stoppage and deletion of personal data concerning yourself any time. We provide you with information about collected and stored data free of charge.
If you wish us to disclose to you which personal data we stored about you or to correct or delete them, or if you have any further questions about the usage of your personal information you gave us, please contact us on following address:

Dental Planet Implant Centre
c/Adelfas, 1 Urb. C. Quesada
03170 Rojales (Alicante) / España
Phone:  0034 96 671 72 36  Fax:  0034 96572 55 67   
Email: dentalnettqu(at)gmail(.)com

If you choose to contact us via email we want to point out that the content of unencrypted emails can be viewed by others. Therefore, we recommend to encrypt confidential information or to send it by mail.

7. Inclusion, validity and actuality of privacy notice

This privacy notice is currently valid and is dated from July 26th, 2012.
We reserve the right to change this privacy notice in the future and therefore recommend reading the up-to-date privacy notice from time to time.
Do you have specific questions or want advice? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help.